An In-Depth Fuji XT1 Firmware 4.0 Review | MirrorLessons

By | July 23, 2015

One year ago, I wrote an in-depth article about the autofocus capabilities of the Fujifilm X-T1 for action photography. At the time, the X-T1 was the fastest camera in the Fujifilm X series but was still considered inferior to many of its competitors, something with which I agreed. In spite of its imperfections, however, the camera was able to do the job as long as you chose the right settings. One year later, I began to observe a small yet relevant increase in photographers using the X-T1 for sports, not just weddings, street and portraits. In addition to striving to produce good lenses with better AF motors, Fujifilm also released a firmware update a few weeks ago that incorporates several new autofocus settings. I had a fleeting chance to try the firmware 4.0 on the X-T10 during my trip to Canada and my first impressions were positive. But since I wanted to write a new article with the same criteria as the first one, I decided to update my X-T1 and attend a number of sports events here in Wales to see how the new AF update would behave in various situations……

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