Anticipating the design of the coming Fujifilm X-Pro2 | Luigi Cavalieri

By | November 9, 2015

Let me share here with you some possible design features of the new X Pro2, we are all waiting for. I assume, the reader already knows the rumored specifications as 24 MP APS-C X-Trans Sensor, 4K Video etc. You may click for this But this is not a wish list of additional specifications. I just anticipate here how Fujifilm may have transferred X-T1 features into the range finder design of a new X Pro2. And I anticipate also an i.m.o. realistic way, how Fujifilm could deliver one so much requested improvement for it’s present X-Pro1: longer battery life. A larger handgrip, incorporating a battery with slightly more capacity can help, but will not bring up battery life into DSLR territory. Why? All mirror less cameras are suffering under the fact, that usage of LCD screen and/or EVF drains battery too fast…..

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