BERLIN, 25 YEARS ‘FALL OF THE WALL’ with Fuji xe2 | Ton van Schaik

By | January 2, 2015

We visited east and west Berlin before and after the fall of the wall several times. Berlin is Germany’s best place to see and feel the mixture of the complicated histories of the nazi- and communist regimes, and contemporary reminders of democracy. Germany is trying hard to really secure the values of democracy and peace. However at the same time being Europe’s greatest weapondealer, confronted with a neo-nazi movement, in the government a democratic chosen section still being followers of the former communist dictatorship, an old law protecting worldwarcriminals, the democratic path to peace is clearly not easy. Having personally experienced the intimidation around the former wall, we wanted to share the celebration of “25 Jahre Mauerfall”. All photographs are shot with the Fuji XE2 and 18-55/2.8-4.0 kitlens. Mostly in JPG, noisereduction always at lowest. The nightshots are taken mostly at 4000 ISO with minus 1 or 2 exposurecorrection to prevent blown highlights. Higher ISO with JPG results in smearing, in which teritory Fuji uses to much noisereduction  (the Fuji XE1 showed less agressive noisereduction and smearing at high ISO). At 4000 ISO-JPG Fuji XE2 has little problems with underexposing in the dark……..

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