Buying Digital Stock Photography

By | May 1, 2012

Sometimes too much choice could be a bad thing and stock photography is a prime example. For years many of the household-name stock image agencies would promote themselves as being the biggest and having the largest collections. If you have been paying attention though, you might have spotted that is not such a major selling proposition any more and lots of the larger libraries are now desperately attempting to find alternative options to brand themselves in an increasingly marketplace.

The truth is, many image buyers find enormous stock picture collections time-intensive and tedious to search, regardless of the improvements in stock photo search engine technology. The difficulty is, the scale of these collections has increased at a greater rate than the search technology has improved … So in plenty of cases, photo research has actually gotten slower and more difficult.

It’s no surprise then that an increasing number of image-researchers are opting for smaller niche photography agencies, when they need to buy stock photos online.

These boutique stock libraries do not even try and compete on volume and most of the time they cannot compete on price either … But more photo researchers are heading to these image stock sites regardless, with a completely new set of reasons-to-buy.

Private service, interaction with the photographers, fresh original material unique styles and subjects. OK, perhaps these are not totally new reasons after all , but they’re reasons-to-buy that have been pushed to the back for far to long.

A lot of it comes back to the way in which the image buyer values their time, and what sort of worth they put on finding the right image fast. The good news for photographers is, more are prepared to pay a little more to avoid the tedium of a mass-distribution library and hone in on quality new digital stock photography faster.

So the next time you need to buy stock photography, take a pass on the massive stock image super-stores, and check out a few of the boutique collections instead … You may be pleasantly surprised.

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