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British Seabird Portraits

The rich, clear coastal waters of the UK support a dazzling array of seabirds, from auks and divers to gulls and waders, each with its own biological niche within the diverse habitats found around the UK coastline. This slideshow features the best of seabird portraits and showcases the beauty and diversity of British seabirds. […… Read More »

Antarctic Landscapes & Wildlife Photography

The frozen continent has intrigued and fascinated us for generations. While we see a lot more Antarctic images of it in the media due to climate change and global warming coverage, it’s still very much a mystery in so many ways. Here’s a small selection of Antarctic landscapes and wildlife photography that capture some of…… Read More »

You’ve Got To Love Penguins

There’s something amusing and engaging about penguins. Most people can happily watch their antics for hours. Perhaps because they usually have no predators on land, they are often fearless and inquisitive, and a joy to watch. There’s also a lot of them… 17 different species… though it might seem like there’s more than that, due…… Read More »

Katherine Gorge Dreamtime Cruise

A trip to the Northern Territory is not complete without visiting the spectacular Nitmiluk Gorge. Open all year round, it features some of the most stunning gorge scenery in the Northern Territory, with raging waterfalls, a myriad of wildlife and breathtaking views of the Jawoyn country. Nitmiluk Gorge winds along 12km of sheer rock extending… Read More »

30 Stunning Waterfall Images From Around The World

Here’s an inspiring selection of international waterfall photographs from selected GlobalEye Photographers showing that even the smaller, less-known cascades can offer some fantastic photo opportunities for a talented photographer… and great viewing for everyone else. If you’re a waterfall buff, make sure you keep count and see how many you recognise! Hopetoun Falls in the… Read More »