Fuji X-T1 graphite silver: electronic shutter distortion | Wim Arys

By | November 19, 2014

I’ve had my graphite silver Fuji X-T1 for a few weeks now and the electronic shutter with speeds up to 1/32000 second is a very useful addition. One word of warning though, it should not be used on fast moving subjects, as you might experience rolling shutter distortion problems. This is due to the way an electronic shutter works: the sensor does not take a snapshot of the entire scene at a single instant of time, but instead scans across the scene vertically. This means not all of the image is captured at the same instant, and with fast moving subjects, this can lead to distortion effects like ‘Wobble’, ‘Skew’ and ‘Smear’. This is an example of the Skew distortion effect where the image is bent diagonally in one direction. I was testing the focus tracking, and yes I know the Fuji X-T1 graphite is focussing on the background, but the distortion is best visible in this shot at 1/6400 second…….

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