Fuji X-T1 settings | Damien Lovegrove

By | June 2, 2015

There are several ways of shooting with digital cameras. With SLRs I used to set up my LCD to mimic a simulated final processed image. This was punchy, vibrant with deep blacks and peaky whites. The image on the back of the camera was very different from that of the real world projected on the focussing screen in the viewfinder. However I have adopted a completely different approach to setting up my viewfinder and LCD with my Fuji X system. I have established the optimum camera jpeg settings to give me a viewfinder image that shows exactly what is recorded in the raw file. The jpegs produced with my settings are somewhat flat or calm and are not always representative of my finished photograph. Anyone who has shot raw video footage will know just how it looks prior to grading. That’s what I like in my stills camera too as it allows me to accurately assess the image exposure while I’m setting shutter speed, ISO and aperture. Here are my settings and why I’ve chosen them……..

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