Fuji X100T – My First Impressions | Chris Harnish

By | November 22, 2014

The camera I have been waiting for has finally arrived in my hands. The Fuji X100T was announced back in September as the successor to the much acclaimed X100S model. It was not a huge update to the camera. But, as for myself, I felt it worth waiting a couple months for the release to get some of the added new features. Released just last week, I finally got to play with this just a little today. Back in September, I rented the X100S for a trip to Chicago and fell in love with the camera. I knew right away that this was the kind of camera that I have been looking quite a while for. Being able to carry only a small fixed lens camera while walking the streets of Chicago was quite freeing and I even left most of my DSLR gear at home while on the trip. This is just a quick post to go over some of my initial impressions from holding and using the camera briefly just today……

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