Fuji X100T review | Amy Davies | Techradar

By | November 18, 2014

Final verdict

Fuji once again smashes the ball out of the park with the X100T. The beautiful, retro design is married with practical and customisable controls which make it great to use – and the image quality really delivers too. It’s not something that can be all things to all people, and there’s no getting away from the hefty price tag. If you want something which offers more flexibility, such as different focal lengths, then this isn’t the camera for you – the Fuji X30 might be a better choice. It’s still fair to say that the focusing system isn’t quite on par with a DSLR, but it works well in the majority of conditions, and it’s something you soon learn to work with as you understand its limitations and quirks. If you already have an X100S, you’ll have to consider whether you think the addition of super fast shutter speed, and the improvements to the optical viewfinder make it worth the upgrade, but it’s certainly worth considering if you’re looking for the ultimate in image quality in your first walk around or back up camera……..

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