Fuji XT-1, The Low Down | RW Boyer

By | May 30, 2015

It’s been about a week since I decided to take the challenge of shooting exclusively with a Fuji X-Series camera and EVF for the next six months. Since then I’ve been messing around with the XT-1 getting to know the ups and downs. Most of the exercise has been taking pictures of StupidCrap™. Typical of my M.O. before embarking using it on anything remotely real. Call it a quirk, psychologically I can’t bring myself to point a new camera at anything photo-worthy until I’ve got a good handle on it. Forget pointing it in the direction of people, I hate looking like I have no idea what I’m doing, fiddling with camera controls or cursing out loud. So, what did RB decide to use for the next month to prove or disprove that the arguably best EVF out there would be workable or not workable for me? I did say I could be perfectly fine with an XE-1 or XE-2 and the 18-55 if push came to shove. All the other stuff like OVF, speed, etc are more nits than make or break for the vast majority of what I happen to make pictures of………

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