Fuji Xt1 six months on | Nick Lukey

By | September 23, 2014

Six months into using the Fuji Xt1, I thought I would update my initital review. Over the years I have used nearly every Nikon model from film through to digital, my last Nikon was the D3, a truly superb bit of engineering, and a very well thought out camera. After 4 years of ownership I was becoming tired of it, not only down to the weight of the beast and attached glass, but because I felt the camera was owning me and not the other way around. I felt my photography was being done by the camera, with very little input from me. I wanted to be inspired again, remove myself somewhat from the electronics. Hard to believe this camera appeared in the Uk late 2007. So my journey of re discovering my photography came through the purchase of the Fuji x100, yes that bloody quirky camera !, that little camera delivered superb images, set me on the Fuji path. Given my photographic needs I followed up that purchase with the Fuji X pro 1, and started to aquire some lenses. The 55-200, and the 14mm, along with some legacy glass from Olympus zuiko. Still I felt for some professional assignments where speed was required the Fuji’s were a little lacking. Though image quality had never been an issue. So when the Xt1 was announced I jumped for joy, no more carrying the D3 around for that moment when a little action occurred. I can now honestly shoot a portrait session or wedding day without worry….

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