Fujifilm X-A2 Preview – First Impressions | Mike Tomkins

By | January 15, 2015

Back in late 2013, Fujifilm introduced the X-A1, a new entry-level point for its X-series mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera line. At the start of 2015, it follows up with the updated Fuji X-A2, a closely-related camera that sports some very worthwhile upgrades. Key among the changes is a new LCD articulation mechanism on the rear of the camera. It adds just a fraction to the overall thickness and weight, but for that subtle difference, you get a more selfie-capable camera. (And at the entry-level, even on an interchangeable-lens camera, selfie capture is a pretty common use case.) As before, the screen tilts close to 180 degrees, allowing shooting at a variety of angles such as from-the-hip. The change is that now, at its full upmost tilt extent, it can be extended upwards from the articulation mechanism a short distance, better allowing it to be seen from in front of the camera. This extension mechanism also serves to put the camera in selfie mode, where a new Eye Auto Focus mode comes into play, ensuring focus sits in the right place. (It’s one of a number of new autofocus modes on the updated camera.)……..

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