Fujifilm X-T1 review | Alex Lagarejos

By | November 13, 2014

So at the end of last month I was lucky enough to have Fujifilm send me a Fuji X-T1, an XF14mm 2.8 R and a XF35mm 1.4 R to take with me as I travelled the country on a crazy schedule for some editorial assignments, which saw me take in Scarborough, York, and then to the coast of North Wales, Snowdonia and then back to London – working for four clients, all in the space of 8 days. While I can’t release any of the images I shot for clients yet, I did have a little bit of free time to grab some shots to put up here. First off, Fujifilm and the people they have working for them are incredible. They went the extra mile to make sure I got the camera in time to fit in with my mental schedule, nothing was too much trouble – an altogether uncommon experience nowadays! …..

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