Fujifilm X100S Travel Photography Review | Vincent Opoku

By | January 3, 2015

Travelling will always be part of who I am as a person and also part of my photography brand. The people I meet, the stories we exchange, the food and drinks. The cultural experience, seeing things in a different perspective, all this and more helps me grow and develop as a person and as a photographer. But I don’t travel for the sake of photography, I travel for the experience. The images I create along the way is a natural by-product of me being a photographer. Out of a 14-day trip, I probably spend 2 days where I will go out to actively shoot, the other days I will have a camera in a messenger bag along with other items (books etc), and only reach for the camera if I see something that I think is worth capturing. I spent 6 days in Barcelona last summer and I didn’t even bother to take my camera out the during my time there, I just wanted to enjoy where I was. When I travel I tend to just go with the flow, I even book one-way ticket sometimes. I end up moving around  a lot between various cities and countries on a single trip. So it is vital that my luggage is as light as possible. My Fujifilm X100S Travel Photography Review : I have visited 9 countries in the last 20 months or so and explored towns and cities like Chefchaouen (pronounced, Shafshawan – The Blue Pearl), Paris, NYC, Seville, San Luca De Barrameda, Tuscany and Lusaka, to name a few. My X100S has been with me to everyone single one of them, as a result I think I have gotten to know it well enough to share my thoughts and findings on this little gem………

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