Fujifilm X100T Full Review with X100s Comparison | Mirrorlessons

By | January 19, 2015

The Fujifilm X100T, the third camera in the X100 series, has attracted lots of attention much like its predecessors even if it doesn’t bring as many outstanding upgrades as the second in line, the X100s. This new camera has the same sensor and the same lens as the two first models. For those who already own the X100s, I can come out and say right away that I wouldn’t recommend a switch. However if you are interested in entering the Fujifilm X world for the first time, it is an entirely different story. Specifications aside, the X100T certainly demonstrates the maturity of a camera that in my humble opinion still holds the title of the best product in the X line-up. The X100T is a compact camera. It won’t enter your jean pocket but will fit comfortably inside a coat pocket. My point here is that it is very portable and that is, without a doubt, one of its main advantages, especially when you consider that it includes an APS-C sensor, a fast aperture lens and an advanced viewfinder. The camera has a robust build quality with magnesium alloy parts at the top and bottom. This time I also have concrete proof of its robustness and I’m not just talking about feeling. During my first days with the camera, I accidentally dropped it (first time ever) and it hit the cold tarmac 5cm away from green grass (irony at its best, I guess). As shown in the photo below, the body did suffer some scratches but nothing else. The camera still functions perfectly in every way……..

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