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By | November 19, 2014

Fujifilm X100T Review – Verdict

With the same lens, sensor and image processor as its predecessor, it might be tempting to dismiss the X100T as a mere cosmetic update, designed as much to allow retailers to place a ‘new’ tag on an old product as anything else. Indeed, at first glance it does little to dispel that impression, as it looks very much like the X100S and indeed X100 before it, but to think this would be to miss the point entirely. The X100T is as significant an update as the X100S was over the original model. Fujifilm has applied everything that it has learned from its X-system compact system cameras and ironed out all the handling quirks that beset the previous models. The result is a camera that just works, and does so really well. All the little changes add up. Aperture setting in 1/3-stop increments, 3-stop exposure compensation, optional direct AF area setting via the D-pad, manual-focus check in the OVF, improved viewfinder displays – all these have a positive effect on the shooting experience. Add in the small refinements like Wi-Fi and USB charging capability, and the X100T just becomes a much more serious and versatile tool. With all the best bits of the previous versions left intact – the intuitive dial-led handling, excellent image quality, and unique hybrid viewfinder (not to mention stunning good looks) – the X100T is a hugely capable camera that’s really enjoyable to use……

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