Leica M-P (Typ 240) | PCMag

By | November 25, 2014

The Leica M-P (Typ 240) ($7,950) is a premium version of the company’s M (Typ 240) rangefinder camera with a few cosmetic changes, a more durable rear LCD, and a larger buffer for longer continuous shooting. It’s the same camera from a handling and image-quality perspective, so refer to our review of the M to find out more about the camera. The original M is clearly a better value, and its higher rating stands up even after some time on the market. There are other full-frame mirrorless cameras now that can use M lenses via an adapter, although only Leica makes models with an optical viewfinder. One of those, the Sony Alpha 7R $2,098.00 at Amazon, is our current favorite in this category, but if you have Leica lenses, you’ll still get the best image quality by shooting with a Leica camera.…..

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