#LNDNWLK 2.0 | Rafael García Márquez

By | September 25, 2014

September 13th 2014. In the bus from Paddington to Stephen Bartels Gallery. Excited! Rebecca and Johnny Patience, Heather and Mathieu from Mirrorlessons had organized this second edition of #LNDNWLK and I couldn’t resist. Had to be there. Many names and nicknames I used to relate to an avatar will be a few steps from me and they’ll have actual faces from then on. That’s fun. Not that I haven’t done this before. I’m lucky I’ve met and had a great time chatting with Wouter in Amsterdam, Markus and Maria in Berlin, my dear Spanish fellows from Fujistas community, … But this is different. A lot of old/new fellows to meet to whom I’ve engaged before. This is by far the best from this photowalks……

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