New Orleans – contradictions and contrasts | INSPIRED EYE

By | November 24, 2015

Tyler Vance is a 65 year old documentary photographer living in Louisiana. He uses a Fuji XT-1 or X100t camera and practices grabbing shots without engaging the subject. My photography career began in high school, working for the local newspaper. In college I majored in Journalism, and worked for daily newspapers for several years. During the past fifteen years I have worked with Mary Ellen Mark at her workshops in Mexico. I have attended workshops with David Allen Harvey, Eugene Richards, Costa Manos and several other Magnum Agency photographers. For the past two years I’ve worked on documentary projects in the Mississippi Delta area with Magdalena Sole, who recently published the book, Delta Rising. Working in the newspaper business during the ’60’s and ’70’s crafted my visual approach to photographing people, and I love street shooting……..

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