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Stock photo agencies are the best idea for web masters who do not have a very big budget to use for graphics and photographs for their websites. There are several agencies, and unfortunately there is no one agency website that would be a one size fits all. Therefore, one has to take into consideration some aspects before deciding which agency would work the best for them. Here are the three most important of these aspects:
Do they have the graphics that you want?
Graphics are a contextual aspect. There are some graphics and photographs that go well with one kind of site and the same would look very weird on another kind of site. For example, a particular site that has a good collection for a site that would offer photos about mobiles and technology may not have good photographs that would match a site about clothes and apparel. Therefore, you need to check out whether the stock photo agency website that you are planning to use has the stock photo library and other collateral graphics that would match your site content.
What subscriptions do they offer?
Another aspect to keep in mind is the type of subscriptions that the stock photo agency website has to offer to access their stock photo library. Some websites offer a flat rate for a monthly subscription where you can download all the graphics that you want, while yet others offer an account for  a set amount of money, but one can only download a set number of graphics. Yet others would offer a piece meal account, where you pay for as many graphics that you might want.
Do they Offer Free Graphics?
There are several graphics that are available on a copyright free basis – that means, you can use them without paying for them. Some websites offer only royalty free and copyright free graphics, while others have a special category dedicated to them in a bid to increase the traffic to their site. Find out if the site that you are planning to sign up with offers royalty free graphics. Even if they do offer unlimited downloads for a particular price, it does not hurt to browse the royalty free categories to get different types of graphics and maybe inspiration.
Quality of Photographs
Before you sign up with the website, you should check whether the quality of the photographs is something that you would like to implement in your website.  To do this, the best way is to check with the sites that allow for a trail sign up. Most websites offer a trial sign up for about one week or two weeks. Take this time to browse through the site and make a decision about the quality of the graphics.
Keep these tips in mind, and you are bound to get some quality stock photo sites that you would really like to sign up and work with.

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