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Some ten years back you when you insert the keyword in the search engine box and click the button, the results displayed will contain only the content and texts. Now, this scenario has changed and you can find videos, images, twitter, blogs and news results in the search engine results. This change clearly indicates that Search Engine Optimization is working behind these results.

As discussed above, images also appear in the results page and hence it is necessary to optimize your image with SEO strategies. Image optimization is also one of the organic methods of driving traffic to a website. Now, you have the facility to include the image in the universal results and also in the image results page.

SEO tips to optimize images

Alt Tags: – The search engine spiders can understand your image through the appropriate Alt Tags. So, add alternative appropriate name for your image. This name will be seen in the search engine results page.

File name – Keep the file name “SEO Friendly”. Instead of keeping the image name as http://DP1234s.JPG, rename the file with suitable words related to the image like “Sunflower-wallpaper-jpg. Always use hyphen in between the words instead of underscore. Since search engine spiders cannot recognize the numerals, it is better to create the file name like this.

Linking – Your images can be backlined through other sites through Anchor text. This works great in the search engines to drive good traffic.

Choosing the right image – The image you choose should be searched by more audience and the results should be less. For example, every year during the New Year Eve people search for wall papers by using the keyword “New Year Images 2010”.

Create popular images like this and add the Alt Tags to get into the top of the search engine results page.

Image Folder – Keep your image folder always open and free to allow the search engines to enter. Blocking your images through robot.txt.file will affect your ranking in the google search.

Resizing the Image – Resizing the image is essential when an image is copied from another site. Since, search engines are against copying contents and images, resize the image using the powerful tool like photoshop.

Add relevant images – The image should match the article that you have posted in the site. In case if you could not find exact image related to the topic, you can post image on that category.

Google Image Labeler – Google image labeler is necessary, if you want to index your image quickly. Through google image labeler the search engine will get more details on your image and this quickens the indexation process.

Maintain the keyword density – The keyword range concept should not only be followed in your business website but also in the images. So, never overstuff the keywords in Alt Tags, Anchor Texts and File names.

All the above tips are basic SEO tips to optimize your image according to the search engines requirement. From the above tips it is clear that a website can also target the search engines through appropriate image.

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