REVIEW: First Impressions of the New Fujifilm X100T | Jeff Carter

By | November 15, 2014


The X100T is a stunning camera that is worthy successor to the superb X100 / X100S.  The results it produces are top draw and I am very impressed with the performance over the past three days.  The main drawback is the camera is so new there is no RAW converter for Adobe Lightroom available yet, but that will come very soon and the JPEG files are excellent. On the plus side the camera is compatible with the batteries and WCL and TCL conversion lenses that I have for the X100, so I wouldn’t need to replace any of the accessories that I already own. Would I buy a X100T?  I rejected the X100S because the improvements were not big enough to justify the upgrade costs, but the X100T has taken the next step that will be hard to ignore.  I will have to think long and hard about this because I still love using my original X100 but, for me, the X100T is the ultimate premium fixed lens camera on the market today! ……

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