Review: Fuji Pro Rental Service + Q&A with Fujifilm | Rob Zeigler

By | December 10, 2015

Let’s face it: modern camera equipment can get expensive. All of this highly sophisticated gear sells for hundreds and even thousands of dollars a piece, and as a result it’s become a wise move to rent before you purchase to make sure you’re comfortable with your choice. Fujifilm, already well known for their ability to listen to their users, now offers the Fuji Pro Rental Service that allows you to rent lenses, and even camera bodies, before you swipe that credit card for the full amount. I took the service for a spin and wanted to share my thoughts on the experience with you. Stay tuned at the end of the review for a special Q&A with Dan Scarola at Fujifilm about the program and what we might expect from Fuji in the future…….

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