Review: Lensbaby Composer Pro on the X-T1 | Tomasz Trzebiatowski

By | July 1, 2015

I like the Lensbaby Composer Pro / Sweet 50 Optic combo a lot. It is not the lens I would be taking out from my bag every day, but the idea of having it as an addition to my Fujinon XF arsenal sounds very appealing to me. I would be certainly taking it with me when going out photographing in the nature (woods, fields, parks etc.). For me these are the areas I can see mounting it on my camera most often. Optically it is not the sharpest of all lenses, but it really is an non-issue, as this certain smoothness (even in the in-focus-areas) only adds to the beautiful effect this lens is giving you. I can also see portrait photographers having it at hand and I will be certainly giving it a try with people’s portraits another day as well. Nicely built, it fits the black X-T1 body perfectly and balances very well. I was really impressed with what I could achieve by using this lens and I am convinced that any creative photographer would share my impressions. I can very well imagine working on a project using only Lensbaby lenses. They boost your creativity and make you thinking in a whole new way when working on your images…….

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