Shooting at 35mm Only – One focal length is the way to go | Ben Brooks

By | November 21, 2015

I sold all of my camera gear a while back and consolidated it down to just the Fujifilm X100T, which is a fixed focal length camera at 23mm — a 35mm equivalent view on a 35mm frame camera. This is also, effectively, the same focal length of your iSight camera on an iPhone. In other words the only two cameras I use, are fixed at 35mm. While I could add adapters to the X100T to make it wider or longer in focal length, I have yet to do that, and don’t foresee doing this anytime soon. Honestly, I preferred a 50mm focal length before I began this experiment, but when I reviewed all my images it turned out that most were taken closer to 35mm than to 50mm. So I felt like this would be a fine problem to have — shooting closer to what I used, than to what my heart told me I loved………

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