Some Photographers Will Say Yes And Others Will Say No, But It Doesnt Hurt To Ask.

By | January 28, 2016

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If you are a dramatic leading actor, you want someone who photographs with depth and power. If you can see your pictures during the session. Some photographers will say yes and others will say no, but it doesnt hurt to ask. Seeing the results of your session at some point while youre there will allow you to get a sense of what is working and what isnt working. After you spend time and money to get your headshots taken, its disappointing to see the shots after youve left the session and discover that one tiny adjustment on your end could have made the difference between a headshot that you like, one that you love, or one that you cant use at all. Price. Depending on your region, there is a wide range of headshot pricing. I understand the value of saving a dollar, and you dont have to break the bank to get your headshots done. There are talented photographers in all price ranges. However, never compromise quality for price. I have seen actors not want to spend money on their career, yet when you look at their social media, somehow they found the extra $50$100 for weekend festivities. Again, youre asking producers to spend a lot of time and money on you. You dont want to present yourself as someone who isnt even willing to invest in him or herself.

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