Editorial Photography

Whether you are looking for commercial, portraits, editorial, brochures and fine art edition prints, we are there for you. Our digital technology and highly innovative team will get the work done in a superb way and then deliver in different forms such as online, CD or printed forms. We provide creative PR and publicity professional photographers to the charity, corporate or public relations sectors and our extensive clientele is our testament of professionalism, apt service and product delivery. It does not matter whether it is a small business or huge multinational, all our clients get a fast, unique and pro service, from the initial moment until the delivery of the entire completed work.

Glamour First Photography  are able to provide you with superb editorial photography suitable for any corporate publication need, for instance staff magazines, where each of our PR photographer is able to produce photography that will definitely affect media press releases and PR.  Contact us for PR assignments, reportage through photojournalism conference reportage, photo-calls or even an official service or product launch. You will discover how well each of the Editorial and PR photographers we have are well versed in their art, providing the kind of pictures any editor will love to see.

With widespread experience from working with business leaders, politicians, VIPs and celebrities, we are able to make every shoot very enjoyable even for those who are not comfortable in front of a camera. We are meticulous and reliable, but above all, we listen to you. Try Glamour First Photography today.

All our shoots are undertaken digitally.

This enables clients to view the images instantly if present and post-production image manipulation is also easily undertaken.  Traditional photographic prints are produced from the original digital file if required.

 When deadlines are really tight we can send an image almost immediately via e-mail, direct from the shoot location.

 **For more information please visit www.glamourfirstphotography.com

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