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The Importance of Infusing Your Personality Into Your Photography Business and Brand

Running a successful photography business presents many challenges. When a photographer goes from hobbyist to professional they quickly learn that there is much more to master other than being technically adept at their craft. From learning how to organize a business to discovering the many hats … Source: Photo Biz News

Photography Educator David duChemin Thinks You Should Consider Being Unrealistic

Full of his usual optimism and encouragement, he verbally judo-rolls his way through the walls of failure and fear, to prepare you to finally start that large format pet photography business you've been thinking about. Speaking of pets, two words really stand out in this video: Pet. Rock. Greater words of … Source: Photo Biz News

Dickson celebrates 40 years in the photography business

He has raised his family here which includes his daughter Suzanne and son Kyle, both of whom he said grew up in the photography business. “They always helped out around the studio when we needed help,” he said. “Sometimes they were asked if they wanted to join the family business, but my son … Source: Photo… Read More »

Dorothy Cleman Hall

Upon Ed's return, the couple moved to Los Angeles where they owned a photography business. Dorothy was the bookkeeper for their business for many years. Two sons, Robert and William, completed the family. After the death of her husband and after living in southern California for over 50 years, … Source: Photo Biz News