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Take Better Pictures: Read This Photography Guide

Are you interested in making a common pastime a serious artistic endeavor? Learn to improve your photographic skill by applying the techniques listed below. With an eye to improving the fundamentals, the advice here will help you become a much better photographer. Apply digital techniques in order to make pictures that look like watercolors, oil… Read More »

Fujifilm X100T Full Review with X100s Comparison | Mirrorlessons

The Fujifilm X100T, the third camera in the X100 series, has attracted lots of attention much like its predecessors even if it doesn’t bring as many outstanding upgrades as the second in line, the X100s. This new camera has the same sensor and the same lens as the two first models. For those who already own… Read More »

Fujifilm X-A2 Preview – First Impressions | Mike Tomkins

Back in late 2013, Fujifilm introduced the X-A1, a new entry-level point for its X-series mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera line. At the start of 2015, it follows up with the updated Fuji X-A2, a closely-related camera that sports some very worthwhile upgrades. Key among the changes is a new LCD articulation mechanism on the rear of… Read More »

My Fuji X100s and My 45 Year Old Canon QL17 ~ Photography Gone Full Circle | Tom Collins

I’ve been taking pictures for a long time, never professionally although I have been paid a few times, but always just for the fun of it.  I have struggled to understand what kind of photographer I am, nature; city; architecture; landscape; fine art, and have decided that I’m a little bit of all of them.… Read More »

Worth 1000 Words: Taking The Perfect Picture

As a hobby, photography is a great way to express yourself in a special way. Capturing memorable occasions and people forever makes your photographs very special. Photos immortalize the vitality, youth and innocence of people, even as the people grow old. The tips contained within this article will help you look at a photography in… Read More »

The man behind X-series design | Masasumi Imai

As the head of design for the Fujifilm X-series we have a lot to thank Masasumi Imai for. He’s overseen the design development of all models including the original X100, the X-E2 and, his own personal favourite, the X-T1. During the very busy photokina 2014 show we were able to grab 15 minutes with Imai-san… Read More »

Can the Zone System Go Digital? | Alan Ross

The Zone System (ZS) can be an integral and important part of any digital photographer’s workflow because it allows you to plan and predict an image’s tonal values rather than letting the camera make the decision. The computerized metering systems in modern cameras are really amazing, and a lot of the time they will give… Read More »

iPhone 6 vs. Regular Camera … Fight! | Charlie Sorrel

Have you noticed something weird about the photos that come out of the iPhone 6? They’re less vibrant, flatter, lacking in contrast compared to shots from the iPhones 5, and to photos from most other phones and point-and-shoot cameras. This realization got me excited. Do you know what else looks flat and dull out of… Read More »