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Dickson celebrates 40 years in the photography business

He has raised his family here which includes his daughter Suzanne and son Kyle, both of whom he said grew up in the photography business. “They always helped out around the studio when we needed help,” he said. “Sometimes they were asked if they wanted to join the family business, but my son … Source: Photo… Read More »

'She thought she was going to die': Girl with leukaemia set to be home by Christmas

Julie plans to finish her course, find a new day job and build up her photography business again. Shay will still need “maintenance” for another two years. First, the pair are looking forward to hanging out with family at Christmas, enjoying a swim and being back with Jayd and their cat — a Birman called …… Read More »

Ansel Adams | The Art of Photography

Ansel Adams was born in San Francisco in 1902. Growing up in a wealthy, upperclass family, Adams first trained as a musician starting piano and composition lessons at the age of 12. One of his composition teachers was American composer Henry Cowell. As he became increasingly serious about his musical studies, Adams was pursuing a… Read More »