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102: How to Incorporate a Photo Booth into Your Business – Michael and Melissa McManus

Does running a photo booth sound like a good addition to your photography business? In episode 102 of the Bokeh Podcast, Michael and Melissa McManus of M2 Photography and Poser PhotoBooth Co share how they decided a photo booth was the right move in their market. Listen in as they share … Source: Photo Biz News

From Six-Figures To Still Photos: Casey Ison Takes A Leap To Launch New Produce Photo Agency …

But in late 2017, Ison decided it was time to hang up her sales hat and jump headfirst into a passion project: a fresh photography business with a focus on produce. She saw the need for appealing, alluring and beautiful fresh photography in the industry and wanted to help growers and shippers improve … Source: Photo… Read More »

Local therapist honors special needs patients' success with photography project

That's why she launched her "Mighty One" project that offers free photography sessions to families of special needs children through her photography business, Heather Sage Photography. Khloe Woodall was photographed in one of Heather Sage Aleman's Mighty One mini-sessions in 2017. (Photo: … Source: Photo Biz News

Homeowners in scenic Broadacres prohibit photos in popular esplanade

Sarah Burkhart is a therapist with a part-time photography business who said she'll have to find new places to take her clients now that Broadacres is off-limits. "The esplanade is such an amazing place for a photo shoot in Houston, with those huge oak trees. The only other place is at Rice University, … Source: Photo… Read More »

iPhone 6 vs. Regular Camera … Fight! | Charlie Sorrel

Have you noticed something weird about the photos that come out of the iPhone 6? They’re less vibrant, flatter, lacking in contrast compared to shots from the iPhones 5, and to photos from most other phones and point-and-shoot cameras. This realization got me excited. Do you know what else looks flat and dull out of… Read More »

Photo Tips: How to talk to Strangers No 01 | Adam Marelli

How many of us would love to photograph perfect strangers, but the idea of talking to people, let along taking their picture, seems impossible.  This is a series that looks at situations around the world, where I have met complete strangers, taken their picture and walked with more than a smile. Last year, B&H Photo… Read More »