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Making Money From Photography is Really Hard, But It Can Be Done

Growing and maintaining a photography business is no different from any other business, the same tried and tested principles apply. Develop a clearly defined service, for which there is a market. Price that service correctly and deliver it in a professional manner. Nobody, not least other professional … Source: Photo Biz News

Tips From a CPA: Nine Critical Items to Consider Before Starting Your Photography Business

Do you love photography and hate numbers? Are you afraid you don't know what you don't know when it comes to starting a business? Here are nine critical items to consider before starting your photography business. I picked up a camera for the first time and never looked back. I wanted to learn … Source: Photo… Read More »

What Is Chris Kingston From 'The Push' Doing Now? Netflix's New Special Puts Him In The Spotlight

He acts as a director of a digital printing service, Fingerprints Design, as well as a digital photography business called We Fly Drones. The company's official website says that they provide both drone photography and videography. "We provide aerial services for a wide variety of clients," reads We Fly … Source: Photo Biz News

Local photography project has astronaut enthusiasts over the moon

Don said it was difficult to start a photography business in Alaska “if you didn't want to shoot the Northern Lights or wildlife." In 2015, Space Hero Mission's work was featured in Terrain. Shortly after, the photographers and the space suit toured the Inland Northwest to allow more people to have their … Source: Photo Biz… Read More »

From Six-Figures To Still Photos: Casey Ison Takes A Leap To Launch New Produce Photo Agency …

But in late 2017, Ison decided it was time to hang up her sales hat and jump headfirst into a passion project: a fresh photography business with a focus on produce. She saw the need for appealing, alluring and beautiful fresh photography in the industry and wanted to help growers and shippers improve … Source: Photo… Read More »

Looking for someone to help grow my small Photography business

I am looking for a marketing/branding/SEO/social media expert (see, told you it was a lot) that can help with a variety of tasks in order to grow my small photography business. I currently rely on bookings from word of mouth and business is gaining momentum over the year I have been working in this … Source:… Read More »