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You Can Get Good Information And Learn More About Photography In The Article Below

Although taking photographs is always getting more popular, many people still wonder whether they should, or even could, learn advanced photographic skills. If you want to take wonderful photos, you need to teach yourself as much information as you can concerning the photography world. Read on for some great photography tips. Keep your technique simple… Read More »

Ansel Adams | The Art of Photography

Ansel Adams was born in San Francisco in 1902. Growing up in a wealthy, upperclass family, Adams first trained as a musician starting piano and composition lessons at the age of 12. One of his composition teachers was American composer Henry Cowell. As he became increasingly serious about his musical studies, Adams was pursuing a… Read More »

Fujifilm X100S Travel Photography Review | Vincent Opoku

Travelling will always be part of who I am as a person and also part of my photography brand. The people I meet, the stories we exchange, the food and drinks. The cultural experience, seeing things in a different perspective, all this and more helps me grow and develop as a person and as a… Read More »

The Photographer of Modern Life | James Conley

Unlike other visual arts, the sine qua non of photography is that you have to be there. Photography demands presence, and wanderlust is not only a common affliction of photographers, but necessary for its practice. Wanderlust doesn’t have to be grand trips to exotic locations, however. “Travel” for a photographer is better thought of as… Read More »

New Travel Lightbox

Venice Italy Travel Photography Photography. Nambour Photographer Peter Currie has just published a new set of Venice Italy Travel Photography photos.A light box depicting images from Venice, Italy. You can’t help falling in love with this part of the world. The food, the culture, the people and the scenery are magnifico! Images may be suitable… Read More »