The Fujifilm X100T | Ben Brooks

By | May 28, 2015

When I first entered into photography I was never happy, as I didn’t like the delay between snapping an image and waiting to seeing the image after it was developed. I am far too impatient for that. Then digital came about, and while I was slow on the uptake, once I got a dSLR I acquired gear faster than I acquired money. A common problem for photographers, hobbyist or otherwise. At the start of 2014, more than a year ago, I had a massive kit of photography gear. I had Canon full-frame gear, micro four-thirds gear, and of course the Fujifilm gear. It was madness. The Canon setup had four lenses, three lenses for micro four-thirds, and just one lens on Fuji. Choice was not a problem. Actually, I take that back, because choice was exactly the problem. I had too much choice, and I was never truly able to learn one camera and one lens that well1 — and if I did, I would switch to another camera and system causing me to forget a bit about the other system. That’s when I decided to sell all the gear and consolidate down to Fujifilm gear………

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