The Gallery Now Also Offers Painting Classes.

By | May 7, 2016

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An abstract design of nature is the ultimate in stepping back and seeing nature from “afar.” Also, getting criticism from colleagues and people you respect is not a bad thing, even if they don’t “like” your work, because that can help you grow. So now you not only are not fully pleasing yourself, but you are also not even going to please everyone by trying to please everyone. We strive to showcase the Earth in the most beautiful light and to encourage everyone to be kind to the Earth and all life, including themselves.  I also noticed that as I moved my hand across the wood, there were different sounds. The giant sequoias are an amazing subject and offer both a photographic and spiritual experience for me the ancient bristle cones are also like that for me. That may affect craft, but it also affects the subjects we choose, the times we shoot, the lenses we use, the compositions we capture and so forth. NEW BOOK PUBLISHED:  JOHN Shaw’S GUIDE TO DIGITAL NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY selecting speedy products in stock photography Newest book:  ORGANIZING AND LOCATING YOUR IMAGES USING ADOBE LIGHTROOM Click LIGHTROOM in book menu above.

patterned collage … works painted on wood .and many mixed media works. Among the strongest pieces are several abstract paintings by Michelle Bradford, who previously had a show at 116 Crown . Bradfords experimental approach to painting marries texture, subtle color tonalities, and dense layering that does not seem forced or overworked. Color she said, is one of my great joys in life. I am endlessly fascinated with why people resonate with different colors and how it relates to us on an emotional level. A number of sculptures, including works by Monahan, are embedded in the exhibit, including his wind-swept, wire tree figures, representing a fraction of the artists explorations across media. Under his direction, the gallery continues to fulfill its mandate to cultivate community and create opportunity, always mindful that the sum of what we can achieve together far exceeds what we can accomplish alone. The well-catered opening last Saturday featured an evolving 101 Threads tradition of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free finger foods and desserts, prepared and artfully presented by food blogger (and assistant professor at the Yale School of Medicines department of psychiatry) Jessica Pollard. Her food blog entries are can be viewed at the 101 Flavors tab on the gallery website. The gallery now also offers painting classes. Adult art classes have proliferated in recent years and emphasize socialization along with instruction, often resulting in cookie-cutter art works. 101 Threads takes a different approach to the painting classes it offers each week.

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After moving here I could not help but to notice the smell. It was sweet and welcoming, it was raindrops and wildflowers; it was the smell of home. *These images are an example of what your picture may look like. You will not receive the exact item in the picture as all images are made to order* Every Oakie Dokie creation is completely unique. Striations and distress marks are naturally occurring from the photo transferring process and can not be replicated or reproduced.

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