West – The Red Centre of Australia . Part 2 | Noah Stammbach

By | October 29, 2015

I’ve heard and read about the outback being empty, with not much to see and not worth the travel. We Aussies prefer to live on the coast, leaving the vast interior of Australia as no-man’s land. I yearned to explore this expanse; to be alone in the barren plains and to feel the red spirit of Australia. It was difficult to find people keen for such a huge trip. The first time I met Johnny we talked about ferns and grasses (he’s a landscape architect) which happened to lead to the topic of the outback. We then recruited Koentadi (of @koentadyy) who was ready for his first Aussie roadtrip. Planning began in secret. We wanted to be the first to venture inland; far away from the typical destinations of the NSW coast. Some moments from this trip took me to the edge between calm and panic, but there’s always an unquestionable solace to be found in the middle of nowhere. Click here for part 1 of the trip, a story about the staggering variety of landscapes that unfolds in layers from Sydney to the outback……

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