By | November 4, 2015

I provide an answer to this question more and more frequently. Since I have been photographing with FUJIFILM camera, someone has called me every now and then asking me for my specific experience with this brand. Such people claim that for sure I will not be the same as the vendors of this brand interested solely in the business. Compared to them I have no reason to hide anything because cameras are source of my income. I will answer in the following way. Approaching it in the humoristic way, I would take it as a piece of advice to a hesitant woman: “It’s simply like with the penis, you will just chose the most handy one for you.” I reckon that anything else is not that important. The most importantly you need to like holding such treasure in your hand. Hope you understand what I mean by that! It’s just simply not about the size of the chip – and I can be doomed to go to the “photographic hell” for such claim…….

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