X100T: An every day affair? | Anthony Owen-Jones

By | July 15, 2015

My wife was surprisingly OK when I mentioned I was after a new companion to keep me company on a daily basis. She probably knew before I did that the time was coming where a new camera would enter the household – the companion I wanted was to help eradicate those moments where I’d remark “if only I had a camera with me”. Until now I’ve been getting by using my mobile phone, there are some very good cameras on mobile phones but sadly the one on mine, the otherwise very good Moto G, isn’t amongst them. So the search has been on for a little while for a compact camera to fit the bill (n.b. I know I could have upgraded my phone but I wanted to keep the separation). My initial intention was to buy a genuine pocket camera that allowed full manual control and should I want to, the ability to edit RAW files…….

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